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  • Check also the available PoE power budget on the switch. If some other device with higher PoE priority will request more power than it is currently available, low priority devices will be starved. Best, Gorazd ------------------------------ Gorazd ...

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    Best Placement Plan

    I need to install APs in my new office. I have a drawing, is there a tool to simulate where I should configure the ap? ------------------------------ ss lee ------------------------------

  • We have five Access Points connected to our network, and we've assigned dedicated client names in the connected clients list. However, due to changes in IP addresses, I no longer want to retain these custom names. Instead, I want to reset the client names ...

  • absolutely needed! Currently in terms of a sometimes needed debugging everything is a wild goose chase. ------------------------------ Bernd Schmidt ------------------------------

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    RE: Guest Portal Issue

    Here's screenshots of the error from the web interface ------------------------------ Bob Webb ------------------------------